Hoshi No Dengon Concert/Message from the Star

Denver Public Performance
【Date and Time】 9/24 (Saturday), 4:00P.M. (doors open at 3:30P.M.)
【Location】 Tri-State/Denver Buddhist Temples >> Map
【Admission】 free
【Parking】 garage, street parking
【Special notice】 free babysitting available
*adults and children of all ages, families are welcome
Boulder Public Performance
【Date and Time】 9/26 (Sunday), 7:30P.M.(doors open at 7:00 P.M.)
【Location】 Grusin Music Hall (College of Music, University of Colorado) >> Map
【Admission】 free
【Parking】 parking garage, street parking
*adults and children of all ages, families are welcome

Naoko Yamazawa, soprano singer, will perform “Message from the Star” concert with Kazuko Naruse, piano. Ms. Yamazawa sings 16 children’s songs written by singular nursery rhyme poet, Misuzu Kaneko, and put to music by Yoshinao Nakada, as well as traditional Japanese songs and other popular songs of the present day.

Misuzu Kaneko, who received high commendation from Yaso Saijo who praised her as a young giant star of nursery rhyme poet in the later years of the Taisho Era, wrote many excellent poems through early Showa era. Still today her gentle and beautiful poetry with children’s perspectives is fascinating many Japanese adults.

It is a great opportunity for non-Japanese to experience Japanese culture with English appreciation.

For further information about the concerts please call Shigefumi Murata at 303-530-0851

◎Yamazawa Naoko’s CD is now on sale!
“Message from the Star~ songs of Kaneko Misuzu~Yamazawa Naoko” PCDZ-1740
Suggested retail price \2,800 (tax included)
Audio recording, production: Toshiba EMI Corporation
Music journals (Music Pal, Modern Music, Record Arts) review this popular CD.» See the articles introducing Hoshi no Dengon

*Poems by Misuzu Kaneko and composed by Yoshinao Nakada
*More value: prior to each song recitation of poems is presented
(There is no CD or concert in which the singer herself recites poems aloud and sings)

■ For inquiries concerning this CD, contact:

N- Music
・TEL: 090-3046-2617
・E-MAIL: hoshinodengon@mbg.nifty.com

Shonan Misuzu Club Executive Office (In Enoden-ensen Newspaper Company)
・TEL: 0466-26-3028

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